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Carmine Bay Detective

A witty detective and a real investigation
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About the game

A witty detective and a real investigation! On each game you will immerse yourself in a unique story that you need to unravel at the thread in two hours. This is a calm, thoughtful game, the investigation is taking place at its own pace, and no one is pushing you. There are no unambiguous solutions and paved paths in it – only complete freedom of action and choice.

All crimes occur in the fictional city of Saint Twins in the 1950s, so the atmosphere of the ar-deko is also a bonus. If you love detectives, you watch with excitement how Holmes and Poirot reveal incredibly confusing things, then this game is simply created for you!

  • Only once a month
  • Complete immersion in the role of a detective in the fictional city of Saint Twins
  • The author’s and unlit plot of the investigation
  • Ideal for lovers of intrigues and good stories
  • The team has 2-6 people
  • Two hours to investigate
  • Only 8-9 questions per game
  • Prizes for the first three places
  • On Thursdays in Tallinn at 19:00
  • Cost – 15 euros per person



Future investigations

Ничего от 23.05.2024 до 23.09.2024.

FAQ about tickets

How to buy tickets?

Actually, there is a “Buy tickets” button above. Press it, select the number of detectives in your agency and arrange the purchase by paying in any way convenient for you. Estonian banks are also listed.  If there is no “Buy tickets” button, then either the sale of tickets has not yet begun, or the tickets have already ended. A list of agencies that have purchased investigation tickets will be published on our Facebook page before the game.

They paid for the ticket, but nothing came to the Post

Check the Spam folder in the mail – for inexplicable reasons, GMail sometimes throws tickets there, while letters with a check are normal. This problem has now been resolved, but just in case we inform. If you can’t find a ticket in the mail, then write to us on the Facebook page in the Messages, indicating the order number, we will analyze.

Tickets are checked?

Of course, we will check that you have tickets for the game. This is a very quick procedure, we will distract you for literally 20 seconds.

I do not have a team what to do?

Tickets are purchased only for the team, you just need to come to the game and pay for participation on the spot. We will find with whom you investigate this matter. 🙂

We bought a ticket for N people, but came N + 1

This is not scary, the main thing is that you bought a ticket, which means we have prepared all the materials for you. Participants who join you after purchasing a team ticket can pay for participation on the spot. Please note that in this case, the cost of participation for an attached detective is always 15 euros, regardless of the discount you bought the ticket.

I have a promotional code to do with it?

Press the “Buy a ticket” button, and then under the list of options find the line “There is a discount code?”. Click on it and enter your code – you will see how the cost of tickets changes. After that, select the type of ticket you need and continue your purchase as usual. 

We bought a ticket, but we could not come

Force majeure can happen in everyone, and we understand this very well. However, the cost of tickets is not refundable. Here is what you can do :

Pass the ticket to other people. Let them play instead of you, and you compensate for the paid cost through them.
If you pass on to someone, let us know in the Facebook Message that you will not be able to participate in the investigation. We will not be able to return the money, but we will give you a promo code for a 50% discount for the next investigation. This promotional code only works once.

    Is it possible to transfer a ticket to other people?

    Yes, you can. A ticket is purchased for a team, not for specific people, so you can always replace the participant if someone suddenly could not come. You can also transfer the ticket to another team, as described in paragraph above.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the game?
    A new socially-intellectual game that is being played in more than 100 cities around the world has arrived.
    Want to feel like a film noir protagonist, to test your skills of deduction and to spend a pleasant night with friends? Welcome to XXX, Maryland, thick with atmosphere and a steady stream of devilish crimes.
    Why should you definitely try this out?
    Experience the darker side of the fifties sprinkled with narrative twists and turns in the best traditions of detective fiction. Each case is unique in its atmosphere and tackles different crimes and social issues.
    You need no special training! This is not a game that tests your prior knowledge: you will get all the information you need right in the case. You are only required to be attentive to detail and use your skills of deduction.
    How is it played?
    A team (a detective agency) receives a briefing, which outlines the client’s needs, a fresh issue of Times, an address book and a slew of questions in need of answering.
    The team decides where to “go” to get more clues, gather witness statements or other types of information, selects the address and receives new data on the spot, without leaving their table.
    After two hours the team assembles their hypothesis and then discovers what actually happened.
    The team that has received the most points wins the game. Winning involves not only giving the most precise answers, but also being economical and selective with your trips.
    What do you need to play?
    At least one phone connected to the internet
    A team of three to seven people.
    And so, I can play it too? I'm not an erudite or a detective ...

    For a successful game, neither experience nor any specific skills are required at all – general knowledge is enough. Plots are designed in such a way that special skills or knowledge are not required. All you need for the game: logic, intuition, a sense of humor and the ability to work in a team. Well, of course, a good appetite. to keep up with teammates in absorbing excellent dishes from our restaurant friends.

    And who is playing there?

    Successful, active and gambling people of various professions come to us. In ordinary life, you are unlikely to meet – but on our game it is easy to make new acquaintances, make new friends and even find your hidden soulmate.

    Convinced, I will come. I assembled a team of what needs to be done?

    It is enough to purchase a ticket a little higher on this page, we will see your purchase and prepare everything you need before the game.

    If there is no team, but I still want to come?

    It’s okay, come. It doesn’t matter if you alone, or brought two or three friends with you, you are already a team! In extreme cases, we will find you a place in the team. Once we had a team of two people – and they took third place in the game. In this case, you do not need to buy a ticket, you can pay for participation on the spot. 🙂

    And if we win? Prizes will be?

    Mandatory! The top three detective agencies receive their prizes at every game.  In addition, you can purchase significant prizes on the game fee accumulated over the season. This idea is still under development, and as soon as the end of the season and the types of prizes are known, we will immediately inform on our Facebook page.

    What you need to take with you to the game?

    Friends, good mood, sweeping appetite and excitement. We will supply you with the rest (pens, paper, case materials).

    How much pleasure it costs?

    Participation in the game costs 15 euros per person (without discounts and promotions), individual participation is paid on site in cash or by credit card.

    So why is Carmine Bay Detective unforgettable?

    This is:

    • It’s a form of modern interactive intellectual entertainment, rooted in the traditional detective genre;
    • A thrilling and chilling story in the muted palette of film noir;
    • An immersive team-based experience suited for friends, colleagues or families;
    • A true challenge and a battle of wits that levels the playing field by presenting all the necessary information within the case.

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    A new socially-intellectual game that is being played in more than 100 cities around the world has arrived.
    Want to feel like a film noir protagonist, to test your skills of deduction and to spend a ... See more

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